Cross-Country Auto Transport

Do you have a vehicle that you need to ship across the country? If so, that is going to necessitate a professional who can handle the cross-country auto transport needs of customers. Conducting cross-country auto transport services is a delicate process, where a professional is taking an automobile and assisting it in its transportation across a very long distance. Usually, this means the automobile going from one end of the country to the next.

When thinking about cross-country auto transport, you have to consider the extensive mileage at play here. The auto will be crossing states, going through all sorts of weather, etc. There are many different reasons as to why you would need cross-country auto transport.

You could be moving due to a new job or going on vacation for an extended period of time and would like to have your auto with you. In any case, having a trustworthy provider like AutoStarTransport can give you peace of mind as the task is carried out.

Factors at Play for a Cross-Country Auto Transport

What are some of the key factors a professional will want to ask you when it comes to the need to ship a car cross country? The first thing is going to be the distance. Where exactly is the auto going to be starting from, and where is the destination? With this, a professional will be able to map out specific routes and stops along the way that make the most sense.

Another key factor is going to be the various transportation options available. Do you mind the auto being out in the open air, or do you need it to be enclosed? These variables come into play. The timeframe of the cross-country transport is also critical, as it is going to take time to get it from the starting point to the end. There are things that can impact travel time, such as weather, but this can be quite predictable when you have a reliable carrier. You also need to be sure you have your auto in a good state for transport. This means cleaning it out of any personal belongings and documenting any existing damage the auto may have.

Types of Auto Transport

There are two main types of cross-country auto transport you will want to consider. These two types include open car transport and enclosed car transport. While both will get your vehicle from the starting point to the destination, there are nuances.

Open Auto Transport

With open car transport, you are taking on the most budget-conscious choice when it comes to cross-country auto transport. This is a safe and secure way to get your auto from one end of the country to the next. The fast and simplistic service is ideal if you do not mind your vehicle being open to the air on all sides. A trailer will be put to you, allowing the auto to move great distances over a series of days.

Enclosed Auto Transport

You could also consider enclosed auto transport. If you have a classic car or a luxury vehicle that carries with it a high value, you are going to want this option. This is also the case for antique cars, sports vehicles, vintage vehicles, and more. The auto will be transported in a trailer that is completely enclosed. This means that all sides of your auto will be fully protected from any of the weather happening outside or any debris passing by.

Average Transport Times

What are some of the timeframes you can expect when talking about cross-country auto transport? When you are thinking about most of the common trips, the timeframe is usually around ten days for the longest of distances. For example, New York, NY, to Los Angeles, CA, will be about seven to 10 days. A trip from Atlanta, GA, to Denver, CO, will be a bit shorter, around five to seven days. In any of these instances, it will not take long for the transport to be completed.

Average Cost to Ship a Car Across the Country

You also need to be prepared from a budget perspective for what it will cost for cross-country auto transport. On average, it is going to be between $800 and $1,500 to ship a car from one point of the country to the other.A longer distance in an enclosed auto transport may carry a higher price tag, but that will depend on a variety of factors. The biggest things that come into play include the number of miles that the transport includes, as well as whether you want an open or enclosed transport.

Peace of Mind During Transport

You want to have peace of mind during the cross-country auto transport process. One of the ways in which we offer peace of mind is via real-time tracking. The best auto transport professionals will make this available to you so you can see where your auto is at all times. You want to be able to see where it is in progress, track its location, and anticipate when it is going to reach the destination.

Reliability is also critical. You want a transport professional who is fully licensed and insured so you can have a high level of confidence that it is going to get to the end point safely and securely. Look at online reviews available to gauge just how strong they are with customer service and overall trust in their transport vehicles.

Cross Country Auto Transport Just Makes Sense

In the majority of cases, cross-country auto transport services just make a lot of sense. They are going to save time, as you will not have to drive your vehicle that long distance. Hop on a plane, and allow your vehicle to get there and meet you in due time.

It is also physically exhausting to drive that distance, as well as costly. In most cases, it is cheaper to just ship the vehicle than drive yourself once you factor in the cost of food, gas, lodging, and more. If cross-country auto transport sounds interesting to you click here to read more and learn more about our services today!

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