High Performance Computing Tenders Procurement in India – An Analysis


Building IT systems in India, a land of a billion plus people, is complex because the work load of handling transactions is quite high. The Railways system in India is one of the most actively used in the world with more than tens of thousands of tickets booked at the same time. Similarly, the AADHAAR initiative has a billion plus bio-metric records, which is de-duplicated and verified in real-time. All of this required very high performance computing power to process and respond with a fast response time. 

High performance computing is a powerful computing technology that uses multiple processors or servers to solve complex problems at an extremely high speed. In today’s world, every day a new technology is invented to make our life advanced and smart but this newly invented technology also brings some new and complex challenges. For example, in meteorology department, scientists observe the climate regularly, and disaster pattern of our earth which now becomes totally unpredictable because of global warming, deforestation etc. This unpredictable scenario brings lots of challenges and complex problems that need to be solved fastest but with regular computer systems that cannot process and solve the complex data on time because of system limitations. So, government agencies need a robust and powerful technology that can handle these challenges and process data as quickly as possible and provide solutions what scientists desired. Here high performance computing technology plays a game changing role in meteorology also many crucial department such as space administration who is responsible for doing many space research to advanced nation in all aspects, Engineers who requires powerful technology that can design and test from machines to buildings and simulate a condition on which they can analyse risk and life of particular project to provide best ever solution. And even government departments use this powerful technology to strengthen the nation’s security against any threat, handle emergencies like flood, earthquakes, virus effectively and responsibly.

Yearly Analysis of High Performance Computing Tenders:

Government knows the importance of this technology and how it can change and empower the nation. That’s why government spends lots of money to adopt this powerful technology in recent years. A total of 365 tenders were advertised by the government agencies in India. Of these the maximum number of tenders were published in Karnataka at 46, followed by 45 tenders in Maharashtra and 34 tenders in Odisha. The top three buyers of HPC are Department of Higher Education, Department of Defence and Atomic Minerals Directorate of Exploration and Research,

High Performance Computing Cluster Tenders:

In this technology, multiple high performance computers are used. Each one has their own separate processor and memory and all computers are connected with each other with the powerful network so that can communicate and share data as quickly as possible. Each one powerful computer in this cluster called as node. When user give big and complex task to this powerful system it breaks down this into small task and distribute to each node. Every node complete their own task by using their processor speed and memory and finally they combined each completed task to provide final result which is extremely fast and far better then a single supercomputer. Because building a single supercomputer is quite expensive and if in any case department needs more speed and capability then building a new supercomputer or upgrading the existing one is not a smart way of working. But if department uses cluster of high performance computer then they just need to add more node for more power and capacity. Which is quite economical and efficient. This way of working is now become trend and lots of government agencies published tenders for adopting this technology. For example, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Maharashtra becomes the first state who published 18 tender for High Performance Computing Cluster with 768 Cores.

Server tenders:

Server is one of the crucial and powerful technology in high performance computing system, it is responsible to manage and distribute resources to different node’s processors, memory, and network so that every task is performed at an excellent level. Servers act as a central hub for all the elements of high performance computing, monitor every task performed by each node, facilitate effective communication, fast data retrieval and storage and also when a particular node requires more power for assigned task execution server gives it more power and resources so that users get desired results. Many government agencies that want to manage their departmental work at optimum level, actively advertise tenders for servers. Such as, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research agency In Telangana published tender for to supply, installation and commissioning of Intel computer HPC servers in Telangana, and To Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Intel Compute HPC Servers to TIFR Hyderabad, Karnataka Tata Institute of Fundamental Research agency also published a couple of server tenders.

HPCC system Tenders:

HPCC stands for high performance computing and communication system. It is the most advanced and powerful computing system designed to manage and schedule more complex tasks and also responsible for fast and reliable communication between each node to process large amounts of data and generate effective results on an urgent basis. This advanced system depends on specially designed software to execute each and every function on time with excellent results. The impressive advantage and advanced functional characteristics attract many crucial government agencies. For example, Jiwaji University Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh comes first in spending a lot of money to advertise tender for supply and installation of the HPCC system at Jiwaji University.


Live Tenders Analysis:

As of 16 March 2024, there were 12 live high performance computing tenders published for the high performance computing technology by the state government agencies. Of which Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Delhi and West Bengal shared the top rank with 2 live tenders each, followed by Himachal Pradesh and Goa with 1 tender each.


High performance computing system distinguished itself the most advanced and powerful computer technology that helps so many scientists, engineers, doctors, businesses, and governments to handle most complex problems in an efficient and fastest way. The robust server it has who is responsible to manage careful distribution of resources and power on each node, schedule complex task, facilitate quick communication between each elements of computing system,  store and retrieve data as quick as possible and the integration of communication in the high performance computing system makes it highly advanced for those scientist who wants to process massive amount of data, fast data storage and retrieval and fastest communication so that they can execute complex task in a fraction of time. These massive advantages are enough for every crucial department to adopt this technology that’s why government agencies actively published tenders for this impressive technology.


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