According to the Exploding Topics 2023 report, there are 3.22 billion gamers in the world. The number is rapidly increasing and is expected to reach 3.32 billion in 2024. Not only is the number of gamers increasing, but also the revenue of the global gaming industry is skyrocketing. According to the Statista report, gaming market revenue is projected to reach a staggering $455.30 billion by 2024.

In recent times, the world has seen significant growth in the gaming industry. With the rise of every new day, a new game listed on the app stores contains immersing elements to attract gamers. Moreover, with the advent of smart technology, the gaming industry is also reaching up with the latest trends. The saturated gaming market brings a challenge for gaming companies and developers to come up with something new, more thrilling, and joyous. 

However, not all developers become successful in creating their name in the global market. Only a few know the secrets behind the successful launch of a game and how to win the race. But, don’t worry. This article contains everything you need to know to ensure the global success of your new game. So, let’s go. 

Technological Advancement: Availability of AR and VR

Global gaming companies are trying to push the boundaries to see in-future possibilities in the gaming realm. From the simple concepts and storyline, gaming has gone so far. The availability of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) has changed the landscape of the gaming world. These technologies provide players with unparalleled immersion and unmatched gaming experience. Although the affordability of AR and VR is a bit of a complex thing, we can expect a significant surge in the adoption of these technologies in the future. 

Moreover, the integration of AR and VR in the games also changes the purpose of gaming. Then, it doesn’t only provide fun but also is a method of learning and increasing productivity. Furthermore, AR and VR also enhance social experiences. They allow you to delve into new realities and experience the in-game reality-based challenges. It improves your reflexes and reactions. So, we can say that in the future, the availability of augmented reality and virtual reality will pave the way for more realistic and sophisticated experiences. 

Localization and Translation  

Localization means adapting your game to the target user’s linguistic and cultural preferences. In the global world, you confront a diverse audience from different backgrounds. For the success of your game in the global market, it is crucial to offer your game with multiple language settings. Let’s take the example of GTA 5. It has been 12 years since the game first came out. But it has recently become the most played game and generates $2.5 million per day. The reason behind this is localization. Though it was a late decision it still paid off. 

It raised the need for video game translation services. People prefer to play games that are available in their local language. It improves the gaming experience by making the gaming content easily understandable and accessible. 

Well, the availability of game localization and translation agencies has made it a lot easier for developers to integrate the translation setting codes at the beginning of the development stage. Working with a professional translation agency, however, should be the right decision. Why? Because only certified and professional translators can translate the complex and technical gaming language. So, you need a partner who can provide you with the required expertise.  

Free-to-Play Games

Another secret behind the explosive boom of the gaming industry is the free-to-play games. There are hundreds of thousands of games available on the Google Play Store and other app stores that you can download right away without any cost. 

Free, is the word that immediately releases chemicals in our minds and gives a command to ‘get’ the thing. The same is the case with the games. People like to download games that are available free of cost on the app stores. Well, this is still a win-win exchange for developers. They create the game exciting and then limit the stages. This way they can ask gamers to purchase the premium version to continue the game. 

Other than that, even if the gamers don’t fall for the in-app purchases, developers are still generating good revenue because of app store ranking. 

Easy Accessibility: The Rise of Mobile Gaming 

People like things that are easily accessible. The same with the case of games. The world has converted from desktops and laptops to mobile phones. However, gaming enthusiasts like games that are compatible with their phones and easily available. It allows them to get their hands on their favorite game anytime and anywhere they want. According to a report, around 3 billion gamers use mobile phones. And almost 76% of mobile phone games reached peak revenue in the first year of launch. 

Mobile phone technology is getting better every single day. That allows developers to enhance their gaming performance and provide gamers with a thrilling experience. Moreover, artificial intelligence is also revolutionizing the gaming experience by personalizing the game settings based on user behavior. The integration of adaptive AI vigorously adjusts game challenges and storylines based on the gamer’s preferences. 


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