Understanding Design and Build p Services In Boise, ID

A kitchen remodel can be quite a project. After all, a full kitchen renovation will involve several different tradesmen, including an interior designer or architect, general contractor, electrician, plumber, flooring installer, an HVAC technician, and possibly along with a carpenter or professional cabinet and stone installers. Consider the complexity of scheduling all these experts in home remodeling! It is for this reason that many homeowners will choose a design/build kitchen design services in Boise, ID.

What Is a Design-Build Company?

A design-build home remodeling project eliminates the hassle of hiring separate contractors or subcontractors to complete a multiphase project such as a kitchen renovation. The homeowner will have a single point of contact who is responsible for the entire kitchen remodel. Instead of bidding out the multiple phases of the project, the design-build firm estimates one price to complete the entire kitchen design. They take the helm in scheduling, overseeing, and paying the expert technicians required to install the kitchen infrastructure and final interior detailing such as painting, backsplash, and countertops.

Phases of the Design-Build Process

There are five distinct phases in which the homeowner will collaborate with the design/build firm to give input if needed or to state preferences or objections. These stages include:

Select a design-build firm

Compare a number of kitchen design services In Boise, ID, to find out if they have their own design-build team in place. When you vet potential professional kitchen remodeling contractors that offer the design-build model of kitchen renovations, consider the company’s pricing structure, past project portfolio, skills, and experience.

Pre-construction phase

The pre-construction or planning phase is the shortest but most important kitchen remodeling phase of all. This is where attention to detail can save the homeowner money, time, and hassles. Both the homeowner and general contractor will discuss the scope of the project and the overall vision the homeowner has in mind upon completion (ultra-modern or contemporary decor, for example).

Here is where the homeowner will discover how much time and money it will take to complete the project so that the family can make their own personal adjustments. Any challenges, budget restraints, or unique instructions from the homeowner are discussed during this pre-construction planning phase.

Interior design stage

Working with the interior designer or architect is likely the most exciting part of the entire process for the homeowner. The design-build firm will work directly with the homeowner to lay out a floor plan for the new kitchen that fits the owner’s vision, budget, and timeline. The goal is to design the best kitchen remodel to fit the needs and vision of the family. The best design and build kitchen design services in Boise, ID, will guide the homeowner through this design process, discussing the pros and cons of different materials, appliances, and unique installations, such as kitchen automation features or the pros and cons of different finishes.


Initial demolition and prep work may have already begun during the kitchen design planning stage. It is quite normal for kitchen renovation stages to overlap, which works to speed up the entire project. While the construction phase is ripe with noise, dust, and activity, a good design/build team will minimize any disruptions to the family and work to resolve any concerns during the construction phase of the new kitchen.


The final phase of the project has finally arrived, and it can be a very exciting moment. The homeowner gets to review the project as delivered while in the presence of the designer or architect. Here, they will discover how newer systems work, such as smart appliances, or how to maintain certain finishes, such as stainless steel or stone countertops. If the lines of communication have been kept open during previous phases, there should be little or no rework required during this post-construction phase.

Benefits of Design and Build Kitchen Design Services In Boise, ID

Design and build is often the best choice for kitchen renovations or any remodeling project that demands multiple trade providers, along with an architect or interior designer. The internet is ripe with many kitchen remodel disasters, such as price overruns, inferior materials, or substandard craftsmanship. With a design and build team, the hired kitchen remodeling firm is responsible for hiring quality installers and handling any contract conflicts with those tradesmen. Other benefits to the design/build process for kitchen renovations include:

A Clearly Defined Kitchen Renovation Project

Instead of the homeowner juggling multiple contracts and attempting to manage a major kitchen renovation project, the design and build firm takes full responsibility for planning and executing the entire project. As mentioned before, a kitchen involves many different trades, and it can become a nightmare to select the proper professionals and arrange installations in a timely manner. A kitchen remodel design and build company offers a one-stop solution to what can be a complex interior remodeling project.

Constant Communication and Teamwork

A design and build company representative, such as the interior designer, architect, or general contractor, will stay in constant communication with you or your representative to hammer out any changes to the schedule, materials, or layout that you may request. Design/build simplifies the kitchen renovation project by giving the homeowner a clearly defined project without the stress of making a multitude of decisions, but when the homeowner does make a request or give input, the best design/build firm will honor those requests.

A Smoother and Faster Construction Phase

Design-Build is one of the fastest construction delivery models you can use. These teams have streamlined the entire kitchen remodeling process for efficiency, quality, and cost savings. The intensive pre-planning phase is key to a smooth and fast construction phase. While unforeseen conditions will arise, such as weather, material delivery, or workforce delays, the best kitchen design and build company knows how to pivot to another portion of the project to keep things rolling along.

Visit Renaissance Remodeling online to view our extensive portfolio of home kitchen renovation projects and discover how our Kitchen Design Services in Boise, ID, can eliminate the stress of having the kitchen of your dreams. Our kitchen remodeling process has been tested and proven to be efficient while still delivering the highest kitchen design and installation craftsmanship to fit your budget.

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